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These are transforming times in which today’s leadership demands the development of higher forms of awareness and skills.

Our coaching is advised for successful members from the C-suite who are ready for transformation and higher leadership skills, leadership teams, coaches, and aspiring leaders from Gen Z and Alpha.

Become an enlightened leader with excellent results for all stakeholders.

  • Increase your mental and physical strength for leadership.
  • Find your undiscovered hidden gems within.
  • Manage and execute your vision.
  • Enlightenment in leadership.

We have a proven track of results and work with guarantees of our coaching.

Starting with our Masterclass is the best thing you can do. Here is what some of our participants said:

“William and Francis have a broad approach to personal and business coaching like no other coaching I’ve ever had.

Their multi-layered experience and skills complement each other creating a diverse, peaceful, supportive environment for building a creative vision with clear goals and persistent, realistic execution.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support.”

Ilona S. – Digital Content Creator

“Franciscus and his team help individual leaders and their teams lead with light, develop a vision, and take valuable advice from their stakeholders to develop higher leadership qualities.

Franciscus has incorporated this profound and powerful leadership approach into the Enlightened Leadership Academy.

You will truly enjoy working with him.”

Will Linssen – CEO at Global Coach Group

An incredible, positivity-filled experience that left me feeling so full of light! A very empowering course presented by great leaders who allowed our self-expression and creativity to flow.”


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